What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a digitally immersive environment that tries to simulate as close as possible real life conditions. Currently the typical implementation requires a VR Headset.

The headset comes equipped with gyroscopes and motion sensors which track head, hand and body position, as well as steroscopic display (an individual display per eye).

How VR is changing the complex rehab industry

Virtual Reality + Complex Rehab

Since its original inception in the late 20th century, VR evolved from a simple stereoscopic image projector to a more advanced interface and has been introduced to many industries including the Medical field.

Stealth, after launching our first interactive application for the i‑Drive called i‑Drive Loonz, was inspired to keep looking for innovation and new ideas. Virtual Reality expands the opportunity of independence in mobility to a more broader audience.

VR Solutions

The advantage of implementing VR to train new power wheelchair (PWC) drivers is that it can be accomplished from anywhere where a computer is located. The VR immersive experience prepares new drivers with motion sensation, PWC manuevers and daily routine challenges with common obstacles and goals.

PWC not required. Connect the i-Drive to the VR interface and your client is taken to a whole new virtual place where professionals can monitor safely the new driver's progress and areas needing improvement. No need of a large open area for driver training, this can be accomplished from a comfortable static setting in the technician's office.

VR Driving Simulator

The simulator will be programmed to allow the client to experience driving in different conditions and locations.

We are working hand in hand with developers to create a series of levels where the driver is tested based on conditions, challenges and locations.

Examples shown below:
Level 1 - Basic Driving || Level 2 - Outdoors || Level 3 - Living Quarters.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 1 is a basketball court set

Level 1
Basic Driving Training

Simple start, a blank canvas with basic movements and few objstacles.

Driving simulation practice.

Level 2 is an outdoor environment where participant has to go through natural obstacles and trails.

Level 2
Outdoor Driving

Imagine yourself driving through a national park close to the coast where you find obstacles, different types of terrains and trails.

Practice driving tasks with cones, between lines and turns.

Level 3 is a more challenging one, full of obstacles that normally are found in your home.

Level 3
Living Quarters

A more closed area experience, simulating the challenges found in a home environment, navigating through rooms, hallways, between furniture and positioning a PWC in close proximity to objects to practice transfer maneuvers.

More challenging tasks, ditractions, changing of speed, lightning, spacial perception, distance and sound.

Training Packages

Training Package (VRCAT-1)

Basic VR Package

VR Compatible Laptop and VR Set (headset and controllers) is for someone who already owns an i-Drive Assessment Interface.

Requires i-Drive® Assesstment Interface (IDHBT500-CAT)

Training Package (VRCATJ-2)

Joystick VR Package

VR Compatible Laptop, VR Set (headset and controllers), i-Drive assessment interface and Stealth Mushroom joystick with mounting.

The Mushroom Joystick offers a unique mechanical and tactile configuration that appears to amplify minimal force and ROM and provides a valid option for good hand control.

Training Package (VRCATP-2)

Proximty VR Package

VR Compatible Laptop, VR Set (headset and controllers), i-Drive assessment interface and four (4) proximity sensor switches.

Proximity sensor switches take client body capacitance as input. They detect anything that is conductive or has a dielectric different from that of air. They do not require physical contact or touch. Keep in mind that sensor switches generally do not have audible feedback. Water and moisture can also cause false activations.

Training Package (VRCATEK-2)

Complete VR Package

The VR Complete package include everything needed to create a training session area, either on a static location or a mobile remote setup. The equipment included facilitates for head, chin, lips, hands, or arm driving, along with additional items to create a custom driving experience.

The VR Complete package includes:
VR Station
VR Station for VR Complete package

VR Basic Station

The VR station comes with all the necessary equipment to prepare a designated area or a remote mobile system for Virtual Reality driving assessment or training program for your client.

VR compatible device
with VR headset and controllers

i-Drive Assesstment Interface
with wall mount power adapter

Power Bank for
on-the-go training set ups

Full i-Drive VR Tools
with Power Bank
Switches for VR Complete package

Stealth Switches Package

The switch package can be combined with the head or arm control packages to create a more complex driving set up if necessary.

Four (4) mo-Vis Twister switches
on red, yellow, blue and green

Four (4) Stealth Egg Switches
on red, yellow, blue and black

Four (4) proximity sensor switches and two (2) padded proximity sensor switches, for a total of six (6) proximity sensor switches

One (1) fiber optic sensor switch
with i-Connect fiber optic power router

Mechanical & Sensor
Switches Package
Head Controls
Head Controls for VR Complete package

Head Driving Set

The head control package comes with everything necessary to set up a system for chin, head or mouth (either lips or breath) driving.

i-Drive Ultra Pro™ head control pad system

i-Drive PMPJ (mini proportional joystick)
with IDCH control harness
include harness chest strap

Sip & Puff Flex Tube adapter for Swing Away receiver and i-Connect sip and puff interface
comes with replacement straws package

UniLink standard fixed head solution mount

Four (4) 1/8in (3.18mm) jack to MMC* dongles

Tools and Mounting
for Head Control Driving
Arm Controls
Arm Controls for VR Complete package

Arm/Hand Driving Set

The arm control package comes with Stealth Mushroom i-Drive edition. The joystick is proven to be effective for many situations, since it can be manipulated either with the hand, knuckles, or even the forearm.

Stealth Mushroom with standard arm hardware equiped with 3/4in (19.05mm) cane mount

Eight (8) positions Gatlin mount

Track mounted Swing Away arm mount

Tools and Mounting
for Arm Control Driving
*MMC Micro Miniature Connectors used to connect switches to the i-Drive interface box
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